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Do banks want to do business with entrepreneurs? | BizEntrepreneur with Banele Rewo

BizRadio chats to Banele Rewo post his attendance at Nedbank’s Critical Thinking Forum that took place on the 17th September in Soweto. We unpack some issues like; What is TENDERPRENEURSHIP? Entrepreneurship and schooling Creating a culture of entrepreneurship Funding – private / government / banks Enterprise development

CRONUTS | #BizTrends with Dion Chang

America has never shied away from creating new food fads by throwing unlikely ingredients or concepts together.

Is sponsorship worth it? | Tony Koenderman, Craig Page-Lee & Yolanda Arendse | #TsAndCsApply

The previous T’s & C’s Apply was around the proposed banning of alcohol advertising in  South Africa and what the implications may be on the industry. Currently a number of the biggest sporting events in this country are sponsored by alcohol brands; so how will this industry be. Sports is an important part of every nations pride. Without football, soccer, basketball and cricket, many countries may not even be know. We believe that a diplomatic answer is the best when it comes to dealing with alcohol manufacturers and sports.

Accelerate your business idea | #BizEntrepreneur with Banele Rewo

BizRadio chats to Banele Rewo and this week he shares some insight and 5 key ways you can accelerate your business idea. Investigate alternatives Talk, engage and promote Research Build a prototype Scrutinize your motivations Banele Rewo in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen PODCAST | Click HERE

e-radio killed the mp3 star | #BizTrends with Dion Chang

Streaming audio. The next stage in the evolution of audio. We are witnessing another stage in the evolution of audio. It was not too long ago that a piece of technology appeared, a way to encode music so that it is small enough to be ‘shared’ in

Make financial provisions for retirement | #BizInsight with David Brown

Most people are in denial about their mortality, but even though they think that they are in this life for the long haul, they are oddly not making provisions for that eventuality. According to UK-based, multinational banking and financial services institution HSBC, 57% of retirees around the

Marketing Misanthropy | #MarketingBiz with David Hood

BizRadio chats to David Hood about his personal journey into the marketing world, his association with the Global Marketing Network and his take and insights into what is known as Marketing Misanthropy. David Hood is the GMN Online Community Director and has been instrumental in the development

Intellectual Property and the marketer | #MarketingBiz with Ulrich Meyer-Höllings

BizRadio chats to Ulrich Meyer-Höllings about the often daunting legal side of intellectual property and how this fits into the realm of marketing – blending the legal with creativity in a way that works. Ulrich Meyer-Höllings in conversation with BizRadio’s Grant Jansen PODCAST | Click HERE to listen

To ban or not to ban alcohol advertising? | hosted by Tony Koenderman & Craig Page-Lee | #TsAndCsApply

T’s & C’s Apply unpacks the pending ban on alcohol advertising and the implications it will have on the media and marketing industries. The duo of T’s & C’s Apply are joined by;  Nick Terry - Founder & CEO of TMARC – his industry insights are invaluable as he brings with

How to protect your business idea without a patent | #BizEntrepreneur with Banele Rewo

BizRadio chats to Banele Rewo in his regular #BizEntrepreneur slot. This week we take a look at how to protect your business idea without a patent. Waiting for your patent to be legally registered could take years and cost you a small fortune. Banele takes an alternative